Those Pesky Drain Flies 

You’ve seen them before.  They don’t have that annoying buzz of the regular house fly, and they don’t do fly-by’s over your dinner plate.  But they are a nuisance, and they always seem to appear out of nowhere. 

Drain flies can take over any drain in the house, but more often than not they show up close to their main food source, slime-covered garbage disposals and the kitchen sink.  They lay their eggs in the gunk coating the grinding mechanism down in the disposals.  The problem is, although hot water and ammonia can get rid of the adult flies it does little to eradicate the eggs.  And simply running the disposal even with a standard disposal cleaner won’t get rid of the gooey stuff.  You need to use an enzyme like DF5000 that will eat away both the slime and the eggs, right down to the metal.  Just keep in mind, the more crud deep down inside the disposal, the more applications you will have to use to completely clean out the drain.  How will you know when the drain is clear when it’s all but impossible to see down into the drain?  When the flies are all gone, you’re done.