Renting your investment property is just the start. 

From the very beginning of our investment adventures, my husband Brian and I viewed the entire process as part of our retirement plan. Although we have funds in the stock market, for us, owning tangible property is significantly less stressful than the bear and bull cycles.

By beginning early enough, your rental income will eventually pay off the note on your property and move you into positive cash flow. At this point, you have options. You can choose to continue collecting rent, offer your tenants owner financing to purchase the property from you or sell the home outright.

If you decide to stop renting, you may benefit from the home’s increased value. At this stage, you’re free of insurance and maintenance costs. And with owner financing you’ll collect interest income, as well. 

All your effort at maintaining the home throughout its life as a rental makes a lot of sense when your goal is to eventually liquidate this asset for your retirement. All that care may help increase its value. As an owner without a mortgage you have the luxury of selling when market conditions are right. There’s no panic situation and you’re in the driver’s seat.

For Brian and I, real estate investment has become a sound business venture–and after all my years of selling real estate, I know it’s the one I can trust.