Mark Robertson with DiMark Homes has been building homes in the Acadiana area since 1999. He has been a resident of Lafayette since 1982 and graduated from Lafayette High in 1989 and USL in 1995 with a Business Degree concentrated in Architecture.  He spent 2 years in Kansas City attending Rockhurst College playing soccer, and although Kansas City was a great place to live, it just wasn’t home.  Lafayette has great people, great food, and a culture like no other place.

DiMark Homes builds both speculative and custom homes. The great thing about building homes is each one is different.  You must be able to build all types of “styles” to stay up with the market in Lafayette. That is the great thing about building homes - no home is exactly like the another. Each day is different because of the details and amenities that goes into each home, and each client varies in personality and with their own vision. The building construction process is the same for every home, but the details vary.

The differences between buying new construction versus previously built, is design, technology, and being able to bring the vision of a client, or the vision DiMark Homes has for their own speculative homes, to conception. When most people are looking to buy a home, either a new construction or previous built home, they usually decide on a certain square footage.  DiMark Homes believes a well-designed home that is 1,800 square foot can “live” the same, or better, as a 2,500 square foot home that has a bad floor plan.

There are no “standard features or upgrades” for any of the homes built by DiMark Homes. Each home is unique to itself - it might be total encapsulated with foam, a 20 SEER high efficiency HVAC system with stained concrete floors.  Our features for each home are unique to that particular home and the vision of each client.

Some of the energy saving features DiMark Homes offers in the homes they build include encapsulated foam homes, high efficiency HVAC units, tank-less water heaters, Low-E vinyl windows and TechShield roof decking.  Although they have never installed any solar panels; if they come across a client that wants to install solar panels, DiMark Homes will gladly accept that as a “challenge”.

The biggest tip DiMark Homes can give for someone looking to buy new construction is to research the builder once they fall in love with a home.  Call the builder to just chat, and ask the builder for references of custom homes they have built.  References for custom homes are very valuable. The builder and custom home clients have worked with each other on a daily basis for months during the construction process. They will have a great insight for how the builder conducts their business, how their customer service is, how the builder reacts to problems or issues during the construction process. And YES there are always issues or problems during the process.  A good builder will problem solve and resolve the issues.

Mark Robertson

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