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Teresa Hamilton

Teresa Hamilton is a recognized leader in her company as well as in Lafayette, Louisiana, emerging as Lafayette’s #1 Real Estate Agent in either closed sales, listings or both year after year. Her real estate career began in 1979 when she moved from Crested Butte, Colorado. Upon arriving, she immediately fell in love with the generosity and warmth of Lafayette’s people and culture. Not having any real estate contacts, she began knocking on doors and introducing herself as a new real estate agent looking for business. She recalls, “People took me in, shared a cup of coffee and took up my cause by introducing me to friends and neighbors who were interested in either selling or buying a home.” Teresa believed that through her tough perseverance and learning to work smart, combined with the warm and inviting spirit of the fine people of Lafayette, she would achieve success. In 1979, her first year in real estate, she was named “Rookie of the Year".  In 2002 she sold the first million-dollar home ever sold in Lafayette, 665 Chretien Point Rd, and in 2021 she was Acadiana’s first real estate agent to reach over a billion dollars in total career sales!

Teresa was sold on Lafayette as both a place to call home and to build a business. The foundation of her unparalleled success begins and ends with the clients she serves, where she perseveres in meeting and exceeding their objectives. Her reputation for dedication, enthusiasm, and professional expertise has expanded her clientele to include local builders and subdivision developers.

Because of her repeat business and her expanding clientele, Teresa recognized the need to form a professional team educated and trained to consistently provide her faithful clients premium service. She chose her team members because of their willingness to listen to clients’ needs as well as their desire to serve others. Because of her deep commitment, Teresa requires her team to regularly attend classes and seminars to further their knowledge and skills in a competitive local and national market. As a result, the Teresa Hamilton & Team has been recognized as Lafayette’s #1 Real Estate Team!

Teresa is extremely knowledgeable in real estate and a “tough as nails” negotiator; she also has deep empathy and compassion, hence the tagline: “Tough. Smart. From the Heart.” Having the Teresa Hamilton & Team on your side when entering this competitive market will give you confidence and calm in an often-challenging process.

Teresa will tell you she feels like a Lafayette native. She is ever-mindful of the blessings that have come from living in Lafayette, her successful career, her strong and enduring client relationships, her husband Brian, and her family. She sums it up in two heartfelt words: “Thanks Lafayette.”

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